Widgets: Displaying Text

Textfild, TitleText
A single line of text, although of arbitrary length - the basic entry widget. N.B. some versions of the documentation incorrection refer to a ‘textbox’ widget.
FixedText, TitleFixedText
A single line of text, but with the editing functions of Textbox removed.
PasswordEntry, TitlePassword
A textbox but altered so that the exact letters of .value are not displayed.

This is a textbox but with additional functionality - the idea is that if the user presses TAB the widget will attempt to ‘complete’ what the user was typing, offering a choice of options if appropriate. The method called is auto_complete(inputch).

Of course, context is everything here. Autocomplete is therefore not useful, but is intended as something you can subclass. See the Filename and TitleFilename classes for examples.

Filename, TitleFilename

A textbox that will attempt to ‘complete’ a filename or path entered by the user.

This is an example of the Autocomplete widget.

FilenameCombo, TitleFilenameCombo
This is a more advanced way to select files. New in version 2.0pre82.
This widget allows the user to edit several lines of text.
Pager, TitlePager
This widget displays lines of text, allowing the user to scroll through them, but not edit them. The text to display is held in the .values attribute.

In detail

class Textbox

Control how the value of the .value attribute is displayed. Since versions of the text widgets are used in other, compound widgets (such as most of the multiline classes), this method is often overridden.


Beep and display a brief message to the user. In general, there are better ways to do this, but this is somtimes useful, for example when showing errors in Autocomplete classes.